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An advanced discord music bot, supports Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube with Shuffling, Volume Control and Web Dashboard with Slash Commands support!
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Discord Music Bot

P.S. Screenshot / Preview at the bottom of ReadMe :)

🚧 | Prerequisites

📝 | Tutorial

Discord Music Bot V5 Docs

Expert version

📝 | Support Server

If you have major coding issues with this bot, please join and ask for help.


# Current talking points
+ Possible re-write?
> “Rebuild everything from scratch because DJS is being very dumb.” - Brian 3/6/2024

+ Consideration for rewrite (lib)

+ v6 has started development

🚀 | Deploy

  • No deployment options have been configured yet

| Contributors

Contributions are always welcomed :D Make sure to follow Contributing.md

Be sure to push to our new Git Server; GitHub is just a mirror!

🌟 | Made with

📸 | Preview

"A picture is worth a thousand words"-Someone

Contextual Help
View and Get infrormation that directly and efficiently; clean and simple
Contextual Help

Secondary Help
See all available commands or a specific command with ease! Less screen real estate used!
Search / Play with Ease
Search and Play with Ease, no fuss! plus it comes with auto-search functionality to further improve user experience
Automatically clean commands
The bot will automatically clean previous commands run to prevent clutter even more!
Automatically queue another song
What's that? bored? feeling lucky? let the bot queue the next song for you!
All statistics are easily accessible, presented in a manner that everyone can digest.

Not convinced yet? Well, I don't know what will convince you then. Either way, the bot is open-source; edit it yourself!